Why is January Called Divorce Month?

Marie Claire Dorking says “Hold onto your wedding rings”, the first Monday back to work after the holiday season has come to be known as Divorce Day. In fact, we can even call January “Divorce Month.”. As divorce lawyers, we get a lot of calls in the days after holidays from people looking to initiate divorce proceedings.

Happy New Year!

New research suggests that the number of Google searches for ‘I want a divorce’ rose by over 230% in the first week of January. Google Trends data also shows that interest in the term ‘divorce’, grew by 51.6% between January 6th and 12th 2019. This record level of interest is predicted to rise for Divorce Month this year.

What is prompting this collective drive for people to end their marriages?

Life coach Sara Davison, AKA “the Divorce Coach”, says that there are a number of reasons why the beginning of the year can prompt relationship breakdowns that drive many people to think about getting a divorce.

Davison says that the recent festive period pressures can reach a crescendo and then a “switch flicking moment” as she describes. “This is when something tips the balance and you decide you just can’t do this anymore. Enough is enough and you want out,” Davison explains.

New year, no you!

Spending prolonged periods with family over the holidays can be a trigger for someone whose relationship hasn’t been good for the last weeks, months, or even years.

Davison explains that anyone with a solid and strong relationship is likely to make it even stronger after spending time with the family. In contrast, she says, if the foundations of that relationship are rocky and unstable, an increased amount of time together often increases the pressure and the “cracks” will start to show.

The holidays can also place more scrutiny on the relationship as couples spend more time together. In general, work and school routines are paused, therefore people are no longer distracted by them, leading to more time to focus on their relationships.
Dennie Smith, creator of Old Style Dating believes the new year, new life mentalities can also play a role in the rise in January divorce-seekers.

“Christmas and the New Year is often a time for a reassessment of goals around all aspects of life and romance and relationships are one of them,” she explains.

When people take time off and spend more of it together, it can highlight the problems in a relationship, sometimes happening continuously over trivialities, therefore people often consider they cannot cope with another year of a toxic relationship, and a New Year is the perfect time to make a change.

Is divorce right for you?

Davison advises to carefully consider before putting the divorce card on the table.
“Getting a divorce is not an easy decision to make,” she says. “It’s important to understand what you will have to face before you decide to get a divorce. At the Miller Law Group we agree that divorce is not a decision to be made lightly.

If you are struggling to make the decision, it could be because you don’t have enough information to make a thoughtful decision. It makes sense to talk to an expert who will provide you a broad overview of all the options available and the ramifications of each.

At the Miller Law Group, we have created many resources that can help you make this decision. Contact us today for more information. It is confidential and complementary, click here.

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