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How much maintenance am I going to get? How much will I have to pay? They are common questions that many Westchester maintenance lawyer hear, and our clients often ask us to list specific amounts. Our family attorneys begin by talking with them about their situations and about the law in New York State.

Alimony and Maintenance in Westchester

In New York, Domestic Relations Law calls alimony “maintenance,” although family courts refer to it as “spousal support.” It is often ordered in a situation in which there is long-term financial inequity in marriages, for example, when one spouse has been the primary breadwinner and the other has stayed home and raised the children. After a divorce, the spouse who raised the children cannot hope to earn as much as the breadwinning spouse — at least not right away. After all, the stay-at-home spouse has dedicated time to building a family, not a career. While out of the workforce, he or she has sacrificed a great deal of earning potential.

In cases such as these New York courts award something called “rehabilitative maintenance,” ordering alimony that is limited in scope. Maintenance payments may only be paid for a certain amount of time or until a certain goal is achieved, helping to get the stay-at-home spouse back on his or her feet.

When clients ask us what the courts may order in their cases, it can be difficult to tell. With our focus on Collaborative Law and mediation, our Westchester maintenance attorney often encourages our clients to negotiate a mutually agreeable resolution that takes both parties’ needs into account.

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