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Long before you decide that you want a divorce, you begin thinking about the possibility. During that time, there are many thoughts that people mull over in their heads. “What will my life look like after divorce?” “Will I get to keep the house?” “How often will I see the kids?” “Will I be happier?”

If you are thinking about filing for divorce, it is wise to consult with a Westchester divorce lawyer during the beginning stages. Our family lawyers can help you explore the different avenues available for legal separation and divorce for both military members and civilians and help you work through the many questions you have.

Going through a divorce can be emotionally painful and financially draining. Obtaining the services of the affordable divorce lawyers in Westchester can help you cope with the present and plan for the future during your divorce.

Divorce Processes

If you are facing a divorce, there are a number of decisions you will be called on to make, which can be overwhelming and confusing, especially when your divorce feels like an emotional roller coaster. At the outset of your divorce, you will have to decide with your Westchester divorce lawyer how you want to go forward that is, you must pick a process in which to work through your conflict.

  • Mediation. Mediation is a voluntary process in which a neutral third-party, the mediator, facilitates a conversation between you and your spouse. The goal of that mediated conversation is to help you arrive at a divorce settlement that works for both parties. The mediator is not a judge and will not impose a resolution on either of you. What the mediator will do is use her expertise in conflict resolution to help you have conversations in a more effective way than you have in the past. She will also use her expertise in divorce settlements and divorce law to give you legal information and help you brainstorm an appropriate resolution to your conflict. Our mediators are former divorce litigators, and the presence of independent counsel is encouraged. Divorce mediation is used not just in family conflict but frequently in commercial cases.
  • Collaborative Practice or Collaborative Law. Collaborative Practice, like mediation, is a voluntary process that supports divorcing spouses in working toward a divorce settlement agreement that meets their short- and long-term needs. The major difference in a collaborative case is that each party is represented in the negotiation by his or her own collaborative attorney, who commits to work only toward resolving the case. In addition to Westchester divorce attorneys, a collaborative case can include professionals from other disciplines on the team, as needed: divorce coaches, child specialists and financial experts are common collaborative team members.
  • Litigated Divorce. A litigated divorce is one in which the parties and their attorneys submit their case to a court and follow the court’s prescribed, formal steps to prepare for a trial. While the parties (usually through their attorneys) prepare their case against each other, they also attempt (usually through their attorneys) to conduct settlement negotiations. Where the parties are unable to settle their case, a neutral third party, the judge, will impose a decision, which may not work for both of them. Litigation is not a voluntary process, ultimately. Its structure, length and ultimate result are determined by the court.

Step by Step Guidance

In any of the processes above, working with our skilled Westchester divorce attorneys, either as a neutral or advocate, is crucial to reaching an optimal settlement. Decisions that you make during a divorce will affect you and your family for years to come. An experienced divorce attorney can guide you step by step through the issues that must be addressed in divorce-including property division, child custody, visitation, child support and spousal support – and will carefully and compassionately explain the divorce process, develop strategies to meet your needs, and discuss likely outcomes with you.

Our law firm has extensive experience working with high-asset divorce. People involved in high-asset divorce are often faced with additional complexities while protecting their assets, dividing businesses and paying or receiving alimony.

Contacting a Westchester Divorce Lawyer

If you need assistance with a New York divorce, and want to find out how collaborative practice or mediation can benefit you, please call the Miller Law Group in New Rochelle, NY, or contact us online.

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