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All parents want the best for their children. Westchester child support attorneys at Miller Law Group, have extensive experience using mediation or Collaborative Law to help guide couples to child support settlements that benefit all family members. To discuss what may be most beneficial to you and your family, consult with one of our experienced family law attorneys in Westchester today.

New York Child Support Laws

For families in New Rochelle, White Plains, and elsewhere in Westchester County, there are various components that a Westchester child support lawyer must take into account, including:

  1. The Basic Child Support Obligation, an amount that is reached by applying a statutory percentage;
  2. An assignment of responsibility between the parents for expenses beyond basic living costs; and
  3. An assignment of responsibility between the parents to provide health insurance for the children.

New York child support laws are complicated, but the most important information parents should understand is that the law permits them to negotiate their own child support agreement. The child support agreement does not have to follow New York child support guidelines – but it does have to work for the family in question. Only if a reasonable agreement cannot be reached will a judge order child support based on New York statute.

How a Westchester Child Support Attorney Can Help

Experienced Westchester child support lawyers understand that helping ensure the financial support of the children and financial feasibility for both parents is an art and a science. It often involves sophisticated financial analysis and projections. It can also involve subjective issues including parental preferences.

A child support attorney in Westchester should know how to help parents take into consideration possible future changes, such as:

  • Either parent suffering a reduction or loss of income, rendering the original support arrangement unaffordable or insufficient.
  • Either parent experiencing a significant boost in income or asset holdings, increasing the chances for the children to receive additional support or need less support.
  • The needs of children can change due to development of chronic or long-term illnesses, special educational needs, or other issues.

Attorneys at Miller Law Group guide clients through a careful financial analysis to arrive at settlements that best meet the abilities and needs of the children and both parents. In addition, our divorce lawyers help families pursue support modifications when family circumstances change, without the need to engage in a costly court battle.

Contacting Legal Representation

If you need to find effective ways to provide your children with continued financial support after divorce, and you want to find out how collaborative practice or mediation can benefit the entire family, please call a Westchester child support lawyer in New Rochelle, NY or contact us online.

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