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The Miller Law Group focuses on family law issues but also extends its practice to other types of emotionally sensitive disputes. Westchester child custody lawyers at the Miller Law Group also help clients facing a variety of other issues.

As family law attorneys the Miller Law Group helps facilitate a compromise between parents, spouses, and former spouses when facing these and other often-thorny issues. Their innovative approach to family law helps clients minimize strife, preserve discretion, and obtain the best result for all parties involved.

Types of Disputes

In addition to their extensive practice as Westchester child custody lawyers, the Miller Law Group brings their unique and pragmatic approach to other types of sensitive disputes:

  • Probate disputes
  • Will contests
  • Disputes between business partners
  • Business dissolution and valuation
  • Contract disputes
  • Trust disputes
  • Domestic partnerships

In any of these cases, a disagreement can quickly destroy a long and valued relationship-whether with a family member, partner, or trusted business associate. The court system is simply not designed to take into account the emotional aspects of these types of disputes. Additionally, addressing such personal disputes in court can create privacy concerns by making the intimate details of family and other types of disputes part of the public record.

Our Westchester child custody attorneys offer another option for clients. Their philosophy of collaborative dispute resolution and mediation allows clients to engage in a constructive dialog without the burden of procedure and formality. Collaboration and mediation are private and discreet, which is especially advantageous in high-profile cases. Additionally, by minimizing time in court, this unique approach to dispute resolution minimizes court fees and other expenses associated with litigation.

Benefit of a Westchester Child Custody Lawyer

Whether you are contemplating divorce, considering a premarital agreement to protect your assets, or seeking to obtain or modify a child support, custody, or visitation order, the Westchester child custody attorneys at the Miller Law Group have the knowledge and experience to help you make informed decisions regarding these crucial issues. From their offices in New York City and New Rochelle, NY, attorneys at the Miller Law Group use their extensive legal experience to effectively counsel and represent clients going through divorce or other family issues. Call us or contact us online for skilled and compassionate legal support.

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Westchester Child Custody Lawyer