Find Out How a Prenup Can Help Your Marriage Rather Than Harm It

Let’s face it— talking about a prenup is hard.

Nobody wants to do it, and it often seems like planning the exit strategy before a marriage has even begun.

But there are a lot of good reasons to do it.

I’m Katherine Miller, and I’ve been a divorce and family lawyer for over 30 years.

Most people get divorced because of a failure communication leads to misunderstanding, which leads to mistrust, which leads to contempt— and contempt is the fast road to divorce.

That’s why I’ve created The Romantic Prenup.

It’s an opportunity to get ahead of that failure of communication, and understand:

  • How you relate to money
  • How your betrothed relates to money
  • How you work in conflict as individuals and together

The process is designed to give you an opportunity to talk about money, working, savings, taking time off to raise children— all of these difficult conversations and more.


The Romantic Prenup™ is a customized prenuptial agreement designed to strengthen your relationship and inoculate it from many of the marriage woes that cause divorce.

The Romantic Prenup™ process gives couples the opportunity to:

· Strategize a money plan for their marriage including how you will resolve conflict about money and change the plan

· Plan for the end of the financial partnership that will inevitably happen because of death or divorce.

· Assess their money type

· Evaluate their conflict patterns

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