Shara Goldfarb

Shara Goldfarb-minShara Goldfarb is an experienced family law attorney who handles family law matters such as divorce, custody/visitation, relocation, and child support in Westchester County and New York City.   She is a trained collaborative divorce attorney, mediator and litigator who focuses on assisting her clients to resolve their divorces with respect for one another and with the best interest of their children at heart.  Having represented parents and children in highly contested custody matters for the past fifteen years, Shara has witnessed the devastating impact parents’ conflict during litigation can have on their children.  Shara’s focus on mediation and collaborative law stems from her desire to assist her clients to resolve their divorces without exposing their children to conflict and negativity.  By focusing on a hopeful future for the family unit, Shara encourages her clients’ meaningful participation in mediations and collaborative divorces in order to achieve resolutions that best suit the family’s immediate and future financial needs.

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