New Rochelle Divorce Process

The New Rochelle divorce process can involve many decisions, mountains of paperwork, and contentious disagreements between the parties. For many people, negotiating a divorce by themselves feels overwhelming during an already stressful time.

If you are going through a divorce, reach out to a seasoned divorce lawyer for assistance. Our attorneys could walk you through every step of the divorce process and fight on your behalf for a favorable outcome. Get in touch today to schedule a case review.

What to Expect During the Divorce Process

There are many decisions that need to be made when dissolving a marriage, and those decisions get memorialized in a contract. This can be either a separation agreement or a stipulation of settlement, and it covers the division of marital property, the division of marital debts, and issues revolving around the family. Family issues can include access to and custody of any children of the marriage and the payment of child support to support those children by the non-residential parent.

There are a lot of other “smaller decisions,” such as obligating one another to obtain life insurance or deciding who will pay for the health insurance for the children. There are a number of things that need to be decided by the parties involved and memorialized into a contract, which then becomes part of the divorce judgment. For more information about the New Rochelle divorce process, consult with an accomplihsed lawyer.

How Long Does a Divorce Take?

Some divorces can last for years. If a person was in a hurry to get divorced and had a cooperative spouse, however, a person could probably see the entire process through in about a year. This would include the time to make the decisions, memorialize the contract, file all the various pieces of legal paperwork, and allow the court some amount of time to review that paperwork and sign off on the final judgment of divorce. Six months to a year is probably the quickest amount of time that a divorce can take, and things can drag on for a lot longer if people are not in a hurry to get it done.

Local Differences in Divorce Proceedings

Every jurisdiction has its unique take on certain areas of the law that might affect a few cases. However, it is a state law that controls divorce. One area of uniqueness is applying for child support and spousal support because there is an acknowledgment that the cost of living downstate is a lot higher than the cost of living upstate. The cap on income that is used to calculate those support amounts is a lot higher than in the downstate areas.

Common Mistakes Made When Filing for a Divorce

The most common mistake that people make when going through the divorce process in New Rochelle is thinking that a judge is going to hear their side of the story and understand how they have suffered, thus ruling in a way that is favorable to them. There is a misconception about how much attention the court will pay to the facts of any particular case. For the most part, litigation is a blunt instrument. Someone who goes into the process thinking that they will have their day in court and that they will be heard in the way that they want to be heard is likely going to be disappointed.

Talk to a New Rochelle Divorce Attorney

Retaining an experienced attorney is often the best way to achieve a favorable outcome in the New Rochelle divorce process. An attorney could explain what is involved in divorce proceedings and advise you about how to achieve the best possible outcome. Call today to discuss your situation and get started on your divorce.

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