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No one ever wants to become entangled in child custody litigation, but when parents separate or have a child out of wedlock, custody issues must be resolved. If the parents’ relationship is amicable, they may never have to bring their situation before the court. In many cases, however, parents part on unfriendly terms and custody over a child becomes a long and contentious battle.

While most parents want to avoid involving their children in stressful litigation, unfortunately, it is not always avoidable. When parents cannot agree on issues such as where their child should live, where they should go to school, what religious practices they should observe, court intervention is often required.

If you are experiencing child custody issues, your best course of action may be to reach out to a New Rochelle child custody lawyer. No parent wants to lose custody or time with their child, and a seasoned attorney could work to make sure that your rights—as well as the rights of your child—are fully protected during this very sensitive time.

How New Rochelle Courts Determine Child Custody

New Rochelle courts make custody decisions based on the best interests of the child in question. This may involve the court considering factors such as home life, schooling, the location of other family members, the child’s relationship with their parents, and any other relevant factors to ensure the child ends up in the best possible situation at the end of the custody dispute.

In New York, custody is divided into two components: legal custody and physical custody. When a parent is granted sole physical custody, this means that the parent is responsible for the child’s physical care. The child would reside full-time with this parent, who would hold primary responsibility for taking care of all the child’s physical needs. The other parent of the child may be granted visitation rights in lieu of physical custody, or they may share joint physical custody with the other parent.

Legal custody, meanwhile, grants the right to make important decisions on a child’s behalf, such as those regarding education, health care, religion, and extracurricular activities. In many cases, the court grants joint legal custody to both parents, in which case both parents would have to make major decisions together regardless of who the child lives with. If such a relationship between the parents is too contentious or otherwise not in the child’s best interests, a judge could grant one parent sole legal custody instead. For more information, you can consult a family attorney.

Role of the Attorney for the Child

In many cases, the court may appoint an attorney for the child. Their role is to represent only the child’s best interests, regardless of the personal desires of their parents. They may speak with the child, the child’s parents, school personnel, therapists and whomever else is deemed necessary to help determine what the child’s best interests entail.

Essentially, an attorney for the child is meant to make sure the court gets a full and unbiased picture of the child’s circumstances. It is important for parents to remember that communications with the attorney for their child are not privileged and can be shared with the court. A New Rochelle child custody lawyer could provide further guidance regarding how a child’s attorney should be approached and what role they could play in a custody dispute.

Contact a New Rochelle Child Custody Attorney

Child custody cases can be stressful and emotionally exhausting even under the best of circumstances, but a New Rochelle child custody lawyer may be able to make things easier for you. While you focus on the well-being of your family, an attorney could fight for your family’s rights.

A New Rochelle child custody attorney has many years of experience in handling child custody disputes and knows the nuances of the laws of New York Domestic Relations Law and the New York Family Court Act. As such, a lawyer could help make things easier for you during this painful process. Call today to schedule a consultation and get started on your case.

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