Making Holidays Meaningful for Children After Divorce

Holidays can be a wonderful time for families to create memories and traditions.  When a family goes through a divorce, it can difficult for children to feel the same way about the holiday celebrations you used to share.  While the family holidays will be different than those you shared before, parents can take steps towards making the holidays meaningful for children after divorce.

Create New Traditions

Throughout the year, there seem to be endless options in celebrating holidays.  It may be that you and your children have enjoyed some of these activities in the past before the divorce.  Now may be a good time to try out some new activities in order to add to the season’s celebrations.  By exploring new options together, you may find a new tradition to enjoy together and take a positive step towards the future.

Combine Efforts if Possible

While some celebrations will be exclusive to you and your children, it would be beneficial if you and your former partner could work together to support the children during the holidays.  It may be something small such as inviting your former partner over to have a meal with yourself and the children or meeting them for a holiday activity.  While this kind of cooperation may not be possible in every case when families can show positivity towards one another in celebrating holidays it can be beneficial to everyone going forward.

Plan for the Holidays Together

Depending on the age and maturity of your children, it could be a positive step to include them in holiday planning.  In doing so, you could acknowledge that their experiences will not be the same as before and ask them to help you plan ways to make their new holiday celebrations joyful.  By talking about the changes in your family, you are validating their feelings as well as opening a conversation with them.  Further, by including your children in the holiday planning, you are offering them an opportunity to have some decision-making power after being in a situation where they may have felt powerless.

Entering into a new life as a family following divorce can be a difficult transition for everyone.  This can be especially true for children who are still grappling with their feelings about the divorce.  By taking actions to make their holidays meaningful after divorce, you can help them on their path to healing and in once again finding joy in celebrating special times together.

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