Divorcing With
Dignity, Respect and Compassion

Know Your Options.  When facing divorce, many people are unaware that they have options as to the type of divorce they would like to pursue.

While well over 90% of cases will settle. There are many roads to settlement.

Make informed choices based on the options  you have for an emotionally-intelligent approach to divorce that:

  • Focuses on resolution rather than retribution.
  • Preserves a couple’s ability to co-parent effectively.
  • Protects the emotional well being of children.
  • Finds a way to work together to find solutions that make sense for the whole family.
  • Focuses on creating a positive plan for your future.

Please Join Us

Date: Friday, 10/05
Time: 9:00 am- 11:00 am
271 North Avenue,
Suite 812
New Rochelle, NY 10801


The presentation will include insights from a divorce attorney and a divorce coach.


Katherine Miller is a Family Law Attorney and founder of Miller Law Group. Collaborative practice and mediation are the focus of Katherine’s work because of her belief that these processes provide lasting solutions.


Richard Heller is a Divorce Coach and Founder of Separate with Sanity. Richard helps divorcing people successfully navigate through the divorce process with both dignity and sanity.

We will talk together and with participants about options for divorce that make sense for protecting the well being of the whole family and carving a positive path to a brighter future.

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