Divorce mediation

Clarifying Your Needs in a Negotiation: the Power of the BATNA

Collaborative Divorce, Divorce, Divorce mediation

You feel vulnerable. You don’t totally trust the other party in a negotiation. What can you do to make the...

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Divorce and Social Security Benefits

Divorce, Divorce mediation, Preparing for divorce

Divorce is never easy no matter what age a person may be.  It is often a lengthy and challenging process...

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Mental Health Issues and Divorce

Children, Children in Divorce, Divorce, Divorce mediation, Divorce with children

Going through a divorce is a trying process for everyone involved.  When a partner in a relationship has a psychiatric...

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The Law: Does It Add to or Take Away from Divorce Negotiations?

Divorce mediation, Preparing for divorce

What is the role of the law in divorce negotiations? It’s actually a huge question and worthy of consideration, not...

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4 Questions to Determine if Mediation is Right for You

Divorce, Divorce mediation

{2:51 minutes to read} The decision to divorce initiates a series of many challenging and difficult decisions, often starting with:...

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