In New York, 97% of divorce cases are settled before a judge makes a decision after a trial.

That’s a fact. All good attorneys say they settle most of their cases and, of course, that’s true. Look at the statistics. But in the traditional litigation setting, people often settle because they’re scared. Scared that the judge will decide against them or that they will run out of money or that they will lose control of their lives. The fear is often that, “If I don’t decide this now, if I don’t give into this right now, the judge is going to make a decision I may not like.”

It doesn’t have to be that way…

Since people are overwhelmingly likely to settle out of court, they should seriously consider hiring a professional with extensive settlement training and experience. An attorney who focuses on what the settlement will be and prepares for that rather than preparing for trial.

There is a pattern to conflict, and no matter how bad it feels in the beginning, usually people reach a place where they can settle their differences in ways that feel okay and are mutually beneficial. If people hire settlement professionals to support them in resolving the issues, they can settle the divorce without even considering costly litigation.

With a seasoned settlement professional, people have a chance to create a settlement based on what is important to them, not on fear. Settlement professionals don’t work at making motions, conducting formal discovery, or making depositions in court. They focus on doing what they have trained to do, and pay full attention to settling cases based on the criteria most important to the clients. You don’t ask a dermatologist to do heart surgery. Why would this be any different?

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