Vesta: A New Way to Create Community

A recent headline delivered some sobering and surprising news: Loneliness ‘Time Bomb’ Warning Fueled by Baby Boomer Divorces.

The study cited in the article looked at the baby boom generation in England and found that many of them survived decades of marriage only to be struck by divorce in retirement. These “silver splitters” as the article names them, are part of a wave of retirees in the country who confront daily, chronic loneliness. This then leads to or compounds existing health problems and can trigger a tragic cycle of despair.

Part of the problem is that one of the things you’ve spent sometimes years in a marriage building, is a community. You have shared friendships and shared activity partners. Maybe you’re mutual friends with the parents of your children’s friends. You may co-own a business or run a restaurant together. And when you split, one partner may end up on the losing side.

This was precisely the predicament this week’s guest saw as she herself divorced. So she decided to create something to combat the loneliness.

Deanna Coyle founded Vesta: ReDefining Divorce, an organization that provides informative and social events, retreats, and referrals for trusted professionals to educate and empower people who are navigating life during and after divorce. A former Wall Street securities analyst, Coyle found her own divorce isolating, frustrating, and financially and emotionally draining. She wanted to find a way to prevent others from experiencing like endless battles and uncertainty.

Her work confronts loneliness and isolation head-on.

Redefining Divorce

The main shift Coyle offers through Vesta is from looking at divorce as failure, to considering it an opportunity. It’s a chance to grow and find power within yourself. Through workshops with experts and others with experience in divorce, members develop the tools to navigate the whole process, from finances to parenting to wellness. It takes a holistic approach to the crisis and the recovery.

Specific Tools

One of the best aspects of Vesta is that it acts as a guide as you’re navigating divorce. It hosts specific events for understanding your financial options, protecting your family and creating a new life. Vesta’s events and retreats are all about educating and connecting, whether that’s learning about coping strategies, legal advice, financial planning, nutrition, parenting or fitness. When Coyle sees a need, she finds professionals and experts who can speak to it.

Success Stories

And Coyle has seen, first-hand, the transformation in participants. For one, she sees a lot of return customers. These are people who come repeatedly to events and get new information, depending on where they are in the process. Coyle has had attendees use the services of professionals she featured at events or get referrals from those professionals. People who attend leave inspired and energized to tackle what can be an overwhelming life event.

If you’re considering divorce but would like to try an approach that might mean a brighter future, call my team to schedule a confidential consultation.

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