The Art of Research: How Do You Choose Your Divorce Attorney?

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I’ve noticed a contrast between the way people choose an attorney compared to how they may choose the best medical options available to them. A friend of mine needs hip replacement surgery. She has researched doctors and hospitals. She has researched the ways to do the surgery and what prosthetics they may use. It’s been a whole process of researching the whats and the hows.

Some of the questions facing my friend are:

  • How will the surgeon enter the hip area — through the front or the side?
  • What type of prosthetic will the surgeon implant?
  • How many surgeries of this type has the surgeon performed?

On the other hand, people don’t always give the same care to choosing the attorney, who will advise them and handle the details of a significant matter such as a divorce.

It makes sense to create a list of questions to ask a lawyer and bring it with you to the interview. Those questions can and should clarify the easily discernible information, such as experience, fees, communication styles, etc. Ask any substantive question you may have about your situation, or law, as it may impact you and your family.

Here are a few additional questions you may ask:

  • How will you get me through the divorce process — Mediation? Collaborative Divorce? Litigation?
  • Why would each of these processes either be appropriate for my situation or not?
  • What is your experience and training with each option? Do you have a lot of experience with cases like mine?

How will you know the attorney’s perspective on what they can do, what your options are, and what the possible outcome might be if you don’t do some research?

People sometimes hire a lawyer too quickly before they really understand their options.

In previous articles, I’ve discussed a few reasons why clients often don’t do more extensive research. People feel guilty, anxious, worried, afraid, ashamed and humiliated. They don’t want to tell the world about their story because they are embarrassed or they feel like a failure in some way. I’m here to help and listen. I’m not here to judge.

There may be other factors about the lawyer you are interviewing that you care about. For example, you might wonder how much this lawyer cares about their clients, whether or not they enjoy their work, or how well they work with their colleagues. These factors might impact their work with you more than their level of experience or other, more measurable, considerations.

Choosing an attorney is as important as choosing the right surgeon. What steps do you take to ensure you’re in good legal hands?

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