Staying Confident & Owning Your Look

Staying Confident & Owning Your Style in Post-Divorce Dating

Divorce can be a confidence-shattering experience. You may feel ashamed. You may feel like a failure. If there was infidelity, you may lose your sense of trust. And just the exhausting nature of the whole process can leave you feeling tapped out and absolutely spent.

And online dating can be intimidating. Especially for older women, or for those who didn’t do much online dating before they were married, it can feel like a totally alien environment.

Regaining Confidence

There’s no question that your confidence can take a real hit after (and during) a divorce. And in fact, your confidence may have been dwindling for a long time before the official split. Getting that confidence back is critical to your success post-divorce.

This week I spoke with Alyssa Dineen, founder of Style My Profile, a personal stylist service for divorcees. She works with them to feel better about how they look and then build a great online dating profile to help them confidently get back out into the dating world. This week I’ll be taking a look at her experience, perspective and advice.

She works with clients to build their confidence because, as she says, “I’m giving people confidence online and most people find that their matches increase dramatically.” And that can only empower you. Because what it does is give people the power of choice. She explains that, “the more volume, the more choices you have on who you can go out with. So the point of making a good profile is to reach a broader range of people and match with more people so you have more choices.”

Getting Out There

But you can’t just rest on a good profile. It’s not an end in itself. You should also be actively dating. And while it’s clear that taking that first step can be a challenge, it’s the only way to start moving forward. It also gets easier.

Owning It

Whatever you choose—dying your hair, dressing differently, online dating or in-person set-ups—what’s key to successfully approaching dating is that you own it. Now, “successfully” doesn’t mean you won’t strike out. You may. Everyone does. But we can learn something about what attitude to adopt in the face of these challenges from the world of business. The most successful business people don’t ignore mistakes or dwell in them. They “fix fast” and move forward.

The same is true for dating. If you make a misstep, that’s ok. Move on.

Staying positive, opening yourself up to new possibilities and continuing to move forward will lead you toward success.

Today, there are literally thousands of online dating sites around the globe. They cater to specific interests, religions, fashion choices and ages. If you keep your head held high and love who you are, you’re already on the right path.

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