Katherine Miller Awarded with “The Best Lawyers in America”

Family law attorney Katherine Miller of Miller Law Group was recently honored with inclusion in the 25th edition of “The Best Lawyers in America”. Based on reviews by her peers in the legal profession, Miller has, over a number of consecutive years, been ranked as one of the most effective and talented lawyers practicing in the United States today.

Best Lawyers is known around the country as the oldest and most respected online legal report in the legal world. The website is completely reliant on colleague reviews, meaning it captures the general opinion of leading attorneys regarding other legal professionals practicing in their fields. Best Lawyers utilize a unique survey process to guarantee an attorney’s excellence in their work in the eyes of their peers, and through this procedure, Katherine Miller was included among the cream of the proverbial crop.

Miller studied political science at Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, New York before studying law at Fordham University School of Law. Her career started at a small firm in New York State where she practiced matrimonial law and welfare litigation. At this firm, she hypothesized a method to better handle divorce settlements through the means of mediation. Since her first mediation training over 20 years ago, Miller has helped countless couples compromise on a divorce settlement and achieve positive results that fulfill the needs of all involved parties.

If you live in New York State and need assistance managing your divorce, rest assured that one of the best divorce attorneys in the United States works practically in your backyard. Residents of New York City and all of Westchester County should contact Katherine Miller to properly mediate their divorce settlement.

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