Divorce Psychology and Legal Experts Dr. Murray and Dodge Dive Into The Hardest Divorce Issues

Divorce Dream Team:
Dr. Jill Murray and Adam Dodge

We all know our emotions can affect everything we do. We’re advised not to shop when we’re hungry, check social media when we’re sad or drive when we’re angry. The intersection of emotion and behavior can be treacherous and tends to turn up the heat on everything we do. Many of us seek advice from therapists about such behavior.

But when you’re considering divorce, who do you ask about innately emotional issues like infidelity, betrayal, custody considerations, your housing, cars, income—in short, your life?

Divorce is, of course by its nature both a legal and an emotional question. But just as you wouldn’t ask for specific legal advice from a therapist, you can’t ask for emotional advice from a lawyer. This gaping hole in the divorce roadmap leaves many people lost. And it’s that conundrum that my guests this week have been trying to solve. Drawing from diverse backgrounds, they wrote a new kind of guidebook for making your way through divorce.

This week I spoke with the authors of The Empowered Woman’s Guide to Divorce, Dr. Jill Murray and Adam Dodge. Dr. Murray is one of the nation’s leading experts on unhealthy relationships. She has published a number of books on unhealthy relationships and mental health. Her therapy practice is based in Laguna Niguel, California. Dodge is a former divorce attorney who now devotes his career to empowering women to represent themselves in family law proceedings as the legal director of Laura’s House where he advocates for the legal rights of domestic violence survivors and their children.


The two met when Murray began looking to partner with a lawyer on a book about the intersection of the emotional and legal aspects of divorce. After speaking with several family law attorneys, she turned to Dodge, who she’d met in their work for Laura’s House, a support network for survivors of domestic violence and their children.

This Series

This month I’ll be taking a deep dive into this unique intersection. I will take a look at the many challenges that arise and the need that Murray and Dodge sought to address in their book. We will look at the steps everyone should take to protect themselves legally and how, specifically, to deal with legal threats. We’ll also examine fear, especially the paralyzing fear that can strike someone who is worried about losing their home, their livelihood or even their children. One of the most interesting pieces of this puzzle that we’ll look at this week is what to do if a woman isn’t an equal partner in a marriage, along with actionable advice on how to change that.

In addition to their book, Murray and Dodge have created an online resource for women with advice for every stage of the split from making up your mind to filing divorce papers to navigating holidays with your ex. We’ll take a look at some of their best advice.

If you’re considering divorce but would like to try an approach that might mean a brighter future, call my team to schedule a confidential consultation.

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