Collaborative Divorce: Assembling the Best Team

Collaborative divorce is a non-adversarial approach to ending a marriage and was created by Stuart Webb. The process is nothing like the sparring matches we’ve become familiar with on TV. Instead, you work with a small group of professionals with specialties.

Your collaborative divorce team is composed of professionals with expertise in different parts of your life and with experience working with experts in other fields to come to the best solution.

The Role of the Lawyer on the Team

Perhaps the most critical piece of the puzzle is finding a lawyer who is comfortable with collaborative divorce. If they have little experience with the process or prefer traditional courtroom divorce, they may not have the tools they need to facilitate a successful collaborative divorce.

How a Psychologist Can Help in Collaborative Divorce

Mental health is an important component of divorce that has often been overlooked. There’s simply not much time for those considerations when you’re dealing with winning a legal argument.

But psychologists regularly make up part of the collaborative divorce team. They help guide the couple through the inevitable feelings of loss at the dissolution of a marriage. What that means is that the feelings of sadness, pain, anger and even betrayal can be dealt with separately from discussions of property. The psychological process can evolve at the same time that considerations of property and custody are.

Working With a Financial Professional

Divorce lawyers typically want to give as little and get as much as possible. And that makes a lot of sense in a “winner takes all” scenario. But in collaborative divorce, we’re looking for a different path out of marriage. This doesn’t have to be strictly a compromise. Meeting in the middle can often leave both parties dissatisfied.

Instead, defining necessity, acknowledging abundance and focusing on real need—separate from emotion—can make the collaborative divorce feel successful from both sides. In order for that to happen, though, collaborative divorce teams must include a financial professional who can help everyone understand, plan and optimize a secure future.

Learn More About the Collaborative Divorce Team

One of the biggest advantages of collaborative divorce is that you have a team looking out for you, not just a lawyer. To learn more about the collaborative divorce team, set up a confidential consultation with a Westchester attorney.

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