Clarifying Your Needs in a Negotiation: the Power of the BATNA

Collaborative Divorce, Divorce, Divorce mediation

You feel vulnerable. You don’t totally trust the other party in a negotiation. What can you do to make the...

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Redesigning Your Living Space After Divorce

Podcast - Divorce mediation

In this episode, Katherine Miller talks with Jodi Topitz, founder of We2Me, about designing or redesigning your space post divorce...

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Co-Parenting with a Hostile Ex-Partner

Children, Children in Divorce, Divorce, Divorce with children

In a perfect world divorced parents would be able to put their feelings aside and be united in their efforts...

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Things to Avoid During Divorce

Children, Children in Divorce, Divorce, Divorce with children, Preparing for divorce

Going from being a married couple to being adversaries can be extremely difficult and emotionally draining.  What can make matters...

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Making Holidays Meaningful for Children After Divorce

Children, Children in Divorce, Divorce with children

Holidays can be a wonderful time for families to create memories and traditions.  When a family goes through a divorce,...

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