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Redesigning Your Living Space After Divorce

Katherine Miller talks with Jodi Topitz, founder of We2Me, about designing or redesigning your space post divorce to jump start the rest of your life. Going from just a house to a home again is crucial after being physically and emotionally uprooted. Children can also be overlooked unintentionally by the…

Divorce and the New Social Security Rules

Katherine Miller talks with Gayle Lob about the NEW Social Security rules and how they impact divorced (and other) retirees.

Social Security Benefits and Divorce

Listen as host Katherine Miller talks with Gayle Lob CFA CDFA about social security benefits and divorce. Curious or puzzled by social security? Listen in for some important information.



What can I do if I suspect my spouse is hiding assets during our divorce?


How is property divided in a New York divorce?

New York is what's called an equitable distribution state. That means that a court takes into account a number of different factors in order to try to make a good determination of what would be a proper distribution of the assets of the marriage. Some of those factors include the…

Divorce: Business deal or emotional break-up

If you're feeling really emotional about your divorce but your ex says it's just a business deal, in some ways, you're both right. Divorce is a very complicated untangling of a multitude of relationships. There's a financial relationship for sure. There's a legal relationship, there's a family relationship, a co-parenting…

My spouse and I have accumulated significant wealth and assets. How will this affect our divorce?

One of the first things we need to do in any divorce is to develop a shared understanding of the couple's financial reality. It's really crucially important that both parties understand everything that the couple owns, what they owe, and the nature of each of those assets and liabilities. One…

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